Apartments are NOT a Problem!

Ship your online purchases to us so that you never miss another delivery ever again!

If you live in an apartment, or a neighbourhood with community mailboxes, you know the frustration of having anything shipped to you! If you are not home when they arrive, they slap a sticker on and make you come to them, or it gets left at your door without any security measures. This is inconvenience and we know you deserve better.

Gopher It Deliveries is offering a simple service: Ship your item to us, we will call you when it arrives and arrange a convenient window to deliver it to you. Yes, a window convenient to you! Saturdays and Sundays included! We know how busy life is and that we can’t all wait by the mail for the latest cool purchase, or important package, so this is a safe and secure method to ship and get great customer service at the same time.

How it works:

  • Ship your item using the following mailing address:

Your Name

℅ Gopher It Deliveries

70 Bongard Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, K2E 7Z9

  • When it arrives we call you to arrange delivery

Our prices are very simple:

$10 as in accordance with our regular delivery rates in Ottawa (please see rate sheet for any potential surcharges).

  • $5 handling fee

Payment is by invoice, payment due before delivery is completed.

Simple, convenient, and affordable all to help you manage your busy life and still enjoy the benefit of online shopping.

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