About Us

About Us

Mama and Papa Gopher wanted to create a better connection between consumers and local Ottawa businesses. Originally from Saskatchewan, they missed the “small town” ability to truly shop local. Ottawa is large, so Gopher It Deliveries will help bring local products to your door!

We have since grown from this inception and now deliver items ranging from baked goods, products, rental equipment, legal documents (including process serving) meal plans and more.

In short: if you need something safely delivered, then Gopher It is the right choice!

We hire all our own employees, they are not contractors; if we say your package is safe with us (and we do) then we ensure we train and insure each and every person working for us. We have our own fleet and do not make our employees use their own cars. You can trust that your package will be delivered safely by one of our Gophers!

In addition to this, we will continually provide shoutouts to our customers (with permission) as YOUR Success is OUR Success. We are in this together!

So whether you need something personally delivered, or have a business and want to increase sales by offering convenient delivery services, give us a call!

Just GO-PHER It!

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